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The word IVDY is my invention from the Turkish word ‘ivdidici’ which means accelerator. The name IVDY is a combination of the first three letters IVD and a cute Y to round it all off.

The 2020 coronavirus infection pandemic has sparked the importance of quick response to health problems. Now that businesses are slowly returning to pre-epidemic life, employee health screening is vital to prevent disease outbreak and business collapse.

IVDY Group, your full-service consulting software research & development agency for individual digital transformation through optimized modeling, automation, and knowledge creation from data. The IVDY Digital Medical Record is a blockchain-based application for reviewing and storing personal medical history without requiring multi-level validation of information.

The IVDY digital health passport is a digital profile with the user’s disease status, e.g. B. infection with HIV, COVID-19, tuberculosis and others. Medical institutions can use the IVDY platform for national and regional control of the country’s health.

A medical facility performs tests on a person to check if they are infected or immune to COVID-19 or another disease and adds the test result to the medical history.

The examined person creates a digital profile in IVDY and passes the account verification. They then add test results to their digital profile and receive an individual QR code.

The QR code can be provided to an employer or other authorized person for secure viewing of the health account via a web browser or smartphone.

In order to keep up in the digital age, innovative ambitions and tailor-made strategies are required. With our Digital Transformation Consulting we help you on the way to a successful digital turnaround.

Our multidisciplinary teams of experts bring their many years of expertise to work with you to develop and build a transformative, digitized company.

Depending on the objective – from the introduction of new digital possibilities to the redesign of your business processes to the start of completely new digital projects – we support you in setting a new digital standard for your company.

We have developed a holistic approach to the digital transformation of your company.

With our support, companies from different industries can implement digitization easily and purposefully.

As steps for a successful implementation of digitization and networking in medicine:
1st step: Strategic advice in the facility
2nd step: Creation of an individual plan
3rd step: Implementation and connection to IVDY
4th step: 24/7 Technical Support

Innovative technologies may act as the engine of digital transformation, but it takes more for a successful holistic change. Successful transformations begin with a clearly defined digital strategy that, in addition to a long-term orientation, primarily delivers measurable results in the short term.

We advise you personally on all aspects of the IVDY health passport. Our Personal Liaison Manager (or “PLM”) is a licensed, dedicated resource who works with the best professionals to enhance our members’ IVDY experience. The PLM builds on the individual strategy and knowledge gleaned from the IVDY network and leverages invaluable partnerships to save you time.

For our customers is included:
– individual, tailor-made advice
– maximum independence & discretion
– Execution plan included
– 60 minutes plus questions afterwards
– timely appointment

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