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Christopher Ward was established in 2004 with the intention of turning the watch industry’s distribution model on its head by launching the world’s first online luxury watch brand with the simple aim ‘to put premium watches within the reach of everyone’ accompanied by outstanding customer service. Our watches are designed by us at our Maidenhead studio and manufactured to the highest standards in Switzerland. 

Those objectives are just as true today as the day the business was first founded with the Christopher Ward brand being synonymous with creating superb timepieces at remarkable prices. The horological David taking on the Swiss giants. 

With operations in both the UK and Switzerland their unique business model puts the customer directly in touch with the watchmaker taking out all those expensive middlemen.

We do not sell wholesale and so do not spend money endorsing ‘A’ list celebrities and the like. The attractiveness of this model is that we can get near to ‘first cost’ in terms of manufacture, and without the attendant overhead of other brands, can offer watches at a cost/retail ratio significantly below the rest of the industry.

With the intention that the only difference should be the price and in every other way everything we provide should be at least the equivalent to the major luxury brands.

At the heart of the business is world class customer service which underpins everything we do and is recognised by customers as a major differentiator for our brand. We wish to work with partners who empathise with this and can help us create systems that support this approach. 

The business is truly international with watches being sold to over 120 countries through eight currency websites with just under half the business coming from the UK market, around 30% coming from the North American market and the rest coming from the rest of the world. 

In addition to watches sold purely under the Christopher Ward brand the company also has a developing corporate business with licence arrangements with the UK military and Morgan cars.

Whilst the price range for our watches is between £395 and £3000, the price heartland for the brand is in the £500 to £1000 range. 

In addition to selling a specific watch we offer upgrade solutions to customers covering areas such as bracelet sizing, straps, gift wrap as well as providing a repair and servicing offer. 

In overall terms the business has sales today net of returns and replacements of just over £10m, with a gross throughput of £12m. With an ambition to triple the size of the business over the next three years as a platform for future growth. At the same time adhering to its founding principles as it becomes a truly world class brand.

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