Meet the partner – Rex-24

What’s your background in healthcare?

I’ve been a Consultant Radiologist for nearly 12 years, based in London and Buckinghamshire. I also run my own aesthetics practice.

What inspired you to choose medicine as a career?

It’s such a big decision to make when you’re 17 (almost 27 years ago) but I remember it feeling so right for me. Like my calling.

What does the name Rex-24 stand for?

Rex-24 is based on the symbol “Rx” which we use as doctors to denote a prescription. It’s origins can be tracked back to ancient Egypt. Here, the Eye of Horus, a powerful symbol associated with protection and healing was used as medicinal and protective contexts. The symbol is often depicted as a stylised human eye with markings that resemble the modern Rx symbol.

In ancient Rome, the prescription symbol “Rx” is believed to have its roots in the latin word “recipe” and is the first word of a prescription. 24 was added due to the round-the clock nature of our vocation!

What gave you the idea for the Rex-24 app?

Past experience with dating apps, realisiing that there can be many inappropriate profiles! Also, fellow medics may be able to support each other as they have an understanding of the unique stresses, strains and pressures in the industry. The aim is to help find a good matching understanding partner.  Also we all know the cliché- doctors and nurses! And the app is uniquely for doctors and other healthcare professionals with a governing body.

What sets Rex-24 apart from less specialised dating apps?

To register, the user needs to provide their governing body registration to ensure authenticity. This isn’t included on your profile but is part of the authentication process. It ensures, that there are no members of the public that can find a Doctors or nurses profile etc…



What’s the long term plan for the business?

We’d love to make it international one day!

Who else is involved with the business?

My best friend and business partner, George Buckland. She’s the ying to my yang!

What have been your biggest challenges bringing Rex-24 to market?

To prove that we’re not just another dating app. That we really are unique and exclusive. Also it’s a numbers game. The more people signing up, the more users there will be to potentially match. This was hard in the first few days but all the big apps like hinge had to start with one user!

What do you wish you’d known before you started?

That it’s a marathon and not a race. To keep going!

What are your passions and interests away from work?

I love keeping fit. You’ll often find me in the gym or pilates studio. And I love a good book!

Dr Emma Hughes is half the driving force behind Rex-24. Here she is at the Nursing Times awards in October 2023 with her partner Mrs George Buckland, of which they were proud sponsors.


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