What might impact your private practice accounts?

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Date: 6 June 2024

Time: 13:00PM

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Introducing the Financial Education Series for Doctors

Navigating the current financial landscape as a medical professional can be challenging. Your pay might be complex with various income streams, your pension can easily cause headaches for non-specialists and your taxation rules are always changing. In addition, you may find it more difficult to get the best mortgage deal if brokers and providers do not understand your salary and income.

We are launching a Financial Education series to look at the key issues impacting your finances, run by medical-specific financial experts. They will discuss the main considerations for successful doctors and the best way to tackle any financial obstacles.

Financial Education Series: What might impact your private practice accounts?

Hosted by William Myatt of accountants Sandison Lang

Date: Thursday June 6th at 1pm

It is difficult for a busy doctor to stay up to date with financial regulatory changes that can impact the way they do business – whether their private practice is run as a self-employed professional, as a limited company or even as an employee of a larger company.   

It is far more efficient to work with an accountant with experience of the issues which arise from your medical choice of vocation – and convoluted calculations are all to easy to get wrong for the non-NHS expert. What are the important decisions you need to make and what must be considered in terms of practice structure, taxation, pension funding and business planning?

Sandison Lang are specialist chartered medical accountants helping medical practices, hospital doctors, GPs and dentists. Created over 45 years ago, we now help over 3,000 clients, both individuals and businesses, who rely on the company to ensure their finances run smoothly.

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