The NHS Workforce

Location: etc venues Manchester

Date: Wed 7 Feb 2024

Time 08:00am

Cost: Free

CPD: Yes

Event Type: Conference/Exhibition/Educational

The NHS Workforce Conference North 2024: Taking Care of Our People

Over 75 years, the NHS workforce has grown massively in numbers, including doctors, nurses, therapists, scientists and many more, allowing the NHS to deliver a greater volume and breadth of care, however, services report vacancies totalling over 112,000. This shows how the needs of our population have grown and changed and continue to grow and change. The NHS Long Term Workforce Plan is one of the most groundbreaking moments in the history of the NHS. It is the first time the government has asked the NHS to come up with a comprehensive workforce plan to put staffing on a sustainable footing and improve patient care. The coming together of NHS England, Health Education England and NHS Digital have made the NHS better equipped to undertake this plan.

The NHS Workforce Conference aims to bring together healthcare professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders from across the NHS to explore strategies and discuss and address the key areas and challenges that are and will be faced whilst undertaking this plan. The conference will adopt collaboration, innovative thinking, and knowledge-sharing to improve the NHS’s ability to carry out this long-term plan and face any challenges within the workforce sector. We can build an effective and strong workforce resulting in improved and effective patient care.

We look forward to welcoming you to this crucial and transformative event. Come join us in forming a better future for the healthcare industry and the NHS.

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