How to navigate the mortgage market with a medical income

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Date: 13 June 2024

Time: 13:00PM

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Introducing the Financial Education Series for Doctors

Navigating the current financial landscape as a medical professional can be challenging. Your pay might be complex with various income streams, your pension can easily cause headaches for non-specialists and your taxation rules are always changing. In addition, you may find it more difficult to get the best mortgage deal if brokers and providers do not understand your salary and income.

We are launching a Financial Education series to look at the key issues impacting your finances, run by medical-specific financial experts. They will discuss the main considerations for successful doctors and the best way to tackle any financial obstacles.

Financial Education Series: How to navigate the mortgage market with a medical income   

Hosted by Beulah Antonin of mortgage advisers Charterhouse Mortgages & Protection

Date: Thursday June 13th at 1pm

As medics, you will already be aware that your choice of profession can add an extra layer of complexity when considering mortgage deals. Your income stream is complicated, you may have variable pay or a combination of employment status which can confuse lenders. You may face challenges in securing the right property loan because you have recently become self-employed or bought into a partnership.

On top of this, the mortgage market has been volatile and you are not sure of what interest rates and inflation are going to next. What steps can you take to make the process easier and what factors should you consider whether looking for investment purchases, second homes, larger property or helping offspring to buy?

Charterhouse Mortgages & Protection are specialist mortgage advisers who understand how medical income should be treated. They recognise the nuances of your remuneration package and are adept at explaining the situation to lenders.

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